As a new homeowner and not knowing much about renovations I was one of those guys who got wronged by one of those "other" contractors so when I met mark I was a little concerned. my place was in the worst shape ever. But thank you to mark he was able to turn it lol around not only with his incredible experience and professionalism but by bringing others he new with other skill traits to get this complete package Reno done for me. He had to come in tear down and remove everything done by previous contractors then had to do it the correct way. Mark out did himself on my basement bathroom it was a tiny little bathroom and we had to knock down wall and jackhammer the floors for new piping it was INCREDIBLE how he changed it Into a very relaxing well lit room I love it. Mark also has the knowledge and experience to recommend amazing things to do with your Reno and how to use the space in the best possible way and that was important to Me not knowing much. I have been recommending him to everyone I know and I must say this... Do yourself a favour and if you are in the market for any kind of home improvement CALL HIM FIRST !! Thank you so much mark you are always the one I will be calling. Thank you .

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