Me and my family recently moved with a forty foot sea can overseas plus a vehicle using the Two Amigos and company non the less I have moved over 8 times as my job takes me all around the world and by far I found the Two Amigos the most professional and courteous company we have ever used. The crew that looked after our full service pack and load were a wealth of knowledge. I am very glad that we chose The Two Amigos and we would recommend them to anyone. I'm not sure after reading this Walter Taylor's move experiance if he's talking about the same company but seeing his review and his status of a military employee he forgot to mention that he did not pay for his move nor does he pay for packing in fact it's my tax dollars along with everyone else's tax dollars that pay for these military moves. I'm very disappointed that a member such as himself could even think about putting a company down when these movers work long tiresome hours in the summer. Walter you should be ashamed of yourself for writing such a review knowing that if there was any damages you get full replacement of these items at no expense to you. So anyone who reads this the Two Amigos are awesome and I would definately recommend them to everyone.

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