When I bought my new condo up the street from Nima's store, his was the logical place to buy my new carpet. His range of pattern and price is tremendous, and always the quality is excellent. He makes me wish I had more floors. He knew my new building (better than I did!) and the carpet he helped me to choose is so perfect that it looks and feels as though I've always had it. The price was great, too -- considerably less than I expected to pay. At the same time he cleaned my old carpet and brought it back to me with new underpadding; it looks beautiful; the colours are rich and pure, and I'm always impressed at the breadth and depth of his knowledge: he knew off the top of his head how old it was and where and how it was made. An old professor of mine used to say that the only way you can ever really know anything is to love it, and Nima is proof positive of this. His knowledge base, professionalism, and overall quality of work can only come from the love of the thing. I recommend him to everyone.

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