We recently had our main bathroom renovated by Paco construction. Due to the age of the home we encountered various challenges with our renovation plans. On removing the old floor tiles & the old bath tub from our bathroom, we uncovered an unstable floor and with the removal of the floor boards, we also discovered that 3 support joists had been cut by previous contractors that made the entire floor unstable and unable to support any weight. Pavle insisted that he could not let this go and wanted to fix this problem as per building codes ie. reinforce the joists and supports so that he could install a new subfloor to provide a stable base for the new floor tiles. He also found electrical connections under the joists that violated the code and promptly moved them to the correct point on the wall so that they can be easily accessed. Overall, the entire project took longer than anticipated due to the additional work that was required to bring to ‘spec’ through no fault of Paco. Additionally, after the completion of the renovation we found that there was a water leak and Pavle’s team were on back immediately to fix the leak and associated damage. I would recommend Paco Construction for your renovation projects and be assured that the work will be done properly.

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