We had a wool blended carpet in our family room for 15 years and it needed to be replaced due to wear and tear. The long life and excellent quality of the former carpet convinced us to go with a commercial grade wool blend once more even though it was on the pricey side. Livingston carpet installed it about a year ago and within 6 months it started to wear. The carpet fibers started to lift off the carpet and ball. Passing your hand a quarter inch above the carpet you can feel all the fibers lifting off. In high traffic areas the patter actually started disappearing after 8 months. Remember, this carpet was specifically rated commercial for high traffic areas. When we first started noticing an issue we contacted Livingston carpet immediately. They eventually sent a representative from the carpet manufacturer and a Livingston salesman to inspect the carpet. The representative first commented that we were not vacuuming enough. Once we informed the rep we vacuumed the carpet once a week he changed his excuse to our vacuuming was excessive. He then advised us not to move our feet so much on the carpet. Anyway he said he would contact the factory and see it there had been a recall. Long story short we must have phoned Livingston over 20 times in the last 4 months requesting status. Each time the Livingston sales rep answered he was apologetic and promised to follow up with the carpet manufacturer and call us back. He never once called us back. Livingston Carpet was a complete disaster and I regret the day I walked into their store. The product they sold us was defective and their customer service was not only bad, it was insulting.

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