We decided to move in July, we engaged an interior design firm Chapi Chapo as well as Group5 and Thom Hirtz to build us a brand new 9000sf facility. We were under an insane deadline as we had tenants taking over our space as of December 1st. As a team of the 3 we designed and produced a set of plans and started work October 1st. The process was one of the most interesting projects I have been involved in in 33 years of construction. Normally I am the consultant, but this time I was the client. We were able to complete the almost impossible task of building a 5 month build of displays and warehouse in 60 days. Thom and his Crew along with some of the very dedicated crew of clients I know worked nights and weekends to make it happen. I cannot express the gratitude for a build that was done as a cooperative effort with trades "happy" to come to work and build the "impossible". Thom's guidance and coordination as well as an amazingly flexible and quick design team allowed us to complete the job on time and on budget, with almost no errors. His way of coordination and getting trades that discuss difficult tasks as a team, made this and incredible experience. I want to build like this again, just next time with a little more time...

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