Extremely unsatisfied with the service rendered. They arrived early without phoning ahead. We found a large quantity of debris remaining in the return air duct after the supposed "cleaning". In addition, they cut additional holes in the duct work in order to do the cleaning which was completely unnecessary since I already had the ducts cleaned previously. The newly cut holes were not sealed properly and I was left to do that myself. The video camera system that they advertise to show you how "clean" the ducts are afterwards was not working. The cleaner was very rushed as he came alone to do the entire job (2300 square foot home) and did not take the time to do the job properly. Last time I had my ducts cleaned by a different company they sent three (3) people to do the job. That time I paid half of what I paid to Ontario Power Air Duct Cleaning. Thinking I would get a better quality cleaning service, I paid a much higher than average price due to the fact they are (again) "supposedly" NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaning Association) certified. In this case, higher price definitely did not equate to higher quality and value.

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