We were extremely excited to finally have pest control in our extremely bug-ridden neighbourhood. Unfortunately, our experience hasnt been satisfactory. The techs are super friendly, but the services simply dont work. For our first service call, we were told a list of things would be done (pellet deterrents, spiderweb removal, weeping hole clean out, etc.) but all that we received was a yellow jacket trap in one tree and a spray on the porch for spiders and earwigs. The spray did not deter any spiders nor earwigs. We required a second service call due to a massive hornet nest near our community mailbox. The earliest appointment was 2 weeks from the date I called, but no one on our street could safely get their mail. I explained that to the booking agent, but they couldnt get a tech out sooner. Today, the tech came and sprayed the nest but did not remove it. I called customer service and they explained how the treatment works, which was great! But, they have no intention of removing the nest once it becomes inactive, leaving us to chance whether we can get rid of it ourselves without being stung. Secondly, we were told that with every call, they provide routine services, such as spraying for spiders/cleaning away spider webs. The tech wiped away one cobweb with his hand. We still have plethora of spiders in the same area where he wiped, no treatment was rendered. All in all, its just not worth the investment. We have other outdoor services this week (an arborist) that cannot cut the tree because of the nest still being present. I cant walk out of my front door without being inundated by multiple species of spiders. Our earwig problem is still as prevalent as ever, as are the bald faced hornets. I will have to treat my home myself, as their services arent anywhere near what we were told upon signing. As friendly as the customer service team and techs are, it unfortunately doesnt make up for the low-quality services.

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We had purchased our first resale home and had several in-depth renovations that we took on. Of course when you start out you don’t realize how difficult the process is going to be but Andi made it much easier than we had anticipated. When we were searching for an electrician he immediately made us feel comfortable with his professional knowledge, years of expertise, and his keen eye for aesthetics. Andi surely is an all-in-one electrical professional who was able to turn our vision into a reality. He was efficient, inviting, and knew everything that there was to know about the electrical work in our home. There were times when we had questions at odd hours of the night or in the middle of the work week and he was more than willing to call us and come to our home to answer our questions and guide us through the process. The job was honestly a huge undertaking and he handled it with ease and it was done way ahead of schedule. It’s sincerely difficult to express the sheer amount of gratitude that we have for everything that he has done for us and we surely intend on working with him again in the near future. If you’re looking for an electrician that will take your concerns into consideration and make sure that the job is done right the first time around, he’s certainly the person you should call. Thank you so much again, Andi! Jennifer, Marlon, and Tiara

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