WOW!!! this company is a joke! The owner seemed like a half decent guy- BEFORE HE GOT HIS MONEY!!! Well they delivered our stuff about 90% of it, 10% was missing -BIG STUFF!! Patio chairs, table (that has been in the family for years) they told us to have the claim filled out within 10 days and they will make a settlement if they can't find our stuff. Well they had told us originally nobody else's stuff was on the truck with ours (and it didn't go into a holding (storage unit) because it came straight from pick up location. SO REALLY there was no reason to have LOST our stuff! Yeah thats what we thought. So they finally admitted that they did have another persons load on our truck, then eventually told us it was 3 different people. We have left numerous phone calls, emails with out ANY reply!!!!!! Nothing.. We have to block the calls in order for them to answer us. Yeah, they do answer when its not our area code!!! We still have not received our missing stuff or our settlement with a load that was suppose to be "insured". This company is the MOST un professional company I have ever dealt with!! PLEASE take these reviews seriously!

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