We had an amazing professional and efficient experience with Best Price Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service. From our initial phone consolation Stephen truthfully explained to me how best he and his colleagues can clean the carpets. I explained to him that we had inherited a home with white carpeting that had seen better days due to small children. In order to be precise and realistic with expectations Stephen asked me to describe the kind of stains we had. He then took his time and explained to me that he will thoroughly go through the house and do his very best to remove all stains. I additionally, informed Stephen that we had called another company previously but with no success they were unable to clean our carpets. Luckily, Stephen and his colleague fulfilled their commitment and thoroughly took their time. We had a rather large area to clean (stairs, and entire upstairs portion of our home). He was scheduled for 2 hours however, as a true professional he stayed for an additional 2 and half hours to ensure proper completion of the job. Our white carpets are now gleaming, if it were not for Best Price Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning we would have had to re-carpet our home. He has saved us money and restored pride in our home. I highly recommend this service for anyone who is looking for a thorough carpet cleaning.

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