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I got a flooring project done from Mitch. I will start with the negatives - he can be a bit hard to get a hold of, and can be annoying to get a clear, direct quote from at times. He's not the cheapest contractor out there, but certainly not the most expensive either. As for the postives, there is one main positive - the guy does really good work. He had really creative ideas, and executed them really well. I have an older house, and he levelled off the floor really well, and made a perfect threshold to my hardwood floor without needing a reducer, even though others told us we would need one. Just flawless, good quality work. Surprising from someone as young as him. Doesn't cheap out on materials, and tells you things honestly. Aside from a few difficulties in getting a hold of him, and some frustration with the back and forth haggling, his work is definitely worth the money, and you will not be disappointed by the work, which is the most important part.

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I used them for installing granite countertops. What a nightmare. They did a horrible job, they used seems when they didnt need to so they could save money, the damaged the sink they were installing, they installed a cracked piece of marble, the counter was not properly levelled, did a poor job of caulking around faucets, causing leaks, were incredibly unreliable (say they will come in the morning, and show up at 10pm and expect to start drilling holes into a marble slab to fit faucets). Also, they are a family business. Normally, this is a good thing. However, one of the days they came to work, I literally had a 12 year old come and knock on my door. He was one of two people working on my house that day, the other was a 21 year old. I could write pages about my complaints with them. The one thing they did right was they did a very good job on the main seam on the main kitchen counter. Bravo, does not come close to making up for all the poor quality, and poor customer service. The worst part is that they talk a really good game to sell you the job about how top of the line their equipment is, etc. etc. Really good sales people, just very poor quality work. Avoid them like the plague.

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