Our garage needed to be picked up and moved over about one foot in order to correct a property easement issue. It was a condition on the purchase of our home, that the previous owner pay the cost for this. "The Christian Contractor/Kerry Wiebe Developments" was hired to facilitate this work. Immediately after they claimed the work was finished, we noticed there were many issues requiring attention before the job could be considered complete. Entire sections of drywall remain damaged from the machines and tools they used and the repairs were included in the scope of work. The doors no longer function properly since the job took place. A brand new premium garbage bin belonging to me was taken from the garage and although promised, this was never returned. We also noticed that the structure was not sitting squarely on the concrete, with one entire wall overhanging and not supported by anything. There are now gaps at the bottom of the walls that you can clearly see daylight through. These gaps allow the entry of rain and snow, bugs and mice among other things causing further damage to the garage. To top it all off, the crew's job of cleaning up the area afterward was done terribly. Nails, screws and sharps bits of wood were left laying all around the outside of the garage, including in the grass of our yard where our young child plays. After promising us that these issues would be resolved within 30 days, well over a year ago now, all issues remain outstanding and unresolved today, despite my repeated phone calls, emails, and text messages to the project manager and the owner himself. This leaves the work incomplete for over a year after signing an agreement to rectify all of the outstanding issues, even though they were paid in full. This agreement, promising to address all of these issues and signed by The Christian Contractor/Kerry Wiebe Developments, has not been fulfilled despite their alleged commitment to do so. Early communication with the company's project manager indicated that they would rectify all of the issues, but that communication quickly became one-sided, with no responses from anyone and the project manager nowhere to be found. Months of calls, voicemails and emails to the owner were met with no response. These voicemails and emails I left were all very clear with my name, my address and all of the related info regarding this job and the issues still needing to be resolved. I never did receive a call back from him despite several requests. When one of my calls finally got the owner to pick up after several months of being ignored, I was told he was "looking into it" and that it was "on his list". It was only several weeks later that my wife and I were able to have the owner commit to a specific date and time to meet and review the issues which we had already physically shown him over a year before. Rather than show up for this meeting at all, we received a text after he was 15 minutes late, stating that he doesn't feel legally obligated to complete the work as agreed. Again, we had been promised beforehand that any repairs would be covered under warranty. The owner refuses to follow through with the completion of the job as well as to address the agreed upon list of outstanding issues afterward. I have never dealt with such an unprofessional company, let alone been taken advantage of like this. The Christian Contractor/Kerry Wiebe Developments refuses to stand by their work, instead choosing to ignore an unsatisfied customer.

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Brenton did a fantastic job. Very thorough, took the time to explain things down to my level, let me know himself/Amerispec were there for me with questions and concerns even after the inspection process. He raised some important concerns and saved us thousands of dollars in the long run.

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