First Review


I had a one year membership with this gym and after the one year they did not offer me a renewal, they just kept charging me money. When I told them to stop charging my credit card they refused and told me I did not have a fixed contract and I had signed up indefinitly. When I tried cancelling my membership they told me I could only do so with a manager, and the managers were never around. Now the best part of this whole experience was that when I checked with Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services I found out that I can only sign up for a 1 yr contract and have to be offered a renewal and agree to it. If I do not agree (and sign) the renewal I no longer have a contract and they can NOT charge me more money. Of course I found this out after I had lost my credit card and they could no longer charge me, but it was good to know. So to sum up, if you have a gym membership with any gym you only have to agree to ONE year then they have to either get your signature on a renewal or stop charging you.

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