Hey there good readers. Do ya have a computer that needs service or want a new one put together right? Don't bother with Barf-Buy or other computer no-nothings (generally speaking, of course). Daniel Gauthier is a super, knowledgeable guy (and author!) who knows PC's and PC parts like no one else around Markham. I know what I'm talking about because I am a computer geek and can do a lot of what Daniel can do, just not as well, to be frank. That's why you pay for what you get in this world. If you want excellent service, affordable solutions to your computer issues and a system that rocks, see Daniel and walk away happy and know you're in good hands should you need his help down the road. My good friends A & S also had a computer done up by Daniel and are beyond impressed. Twinbytes - thanks for everything so far. :-) Martin Douglas

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