I was in on Saturday and was inquiring about purchasing a dart cabinet. After shopping around online, I decided to make the trip in to Saskatoon from North Battleford to check out the stock Premium Home Leisure had. I was not too impressed with the selection, however one really caught my eye that would look great in the room I would be hanging it in. I ended up purchasing this cabinet after confirming with a lady clerk (I'm sorry I didn't catch her name) that all mounting pieces would be included in the box, which she did confirm. After driving all the way home, I realized that while the wall screws were included, the bracket and screws (that the cabinet's instruction sheet clearly indicate should be in the box) were not included. After running around to all the local stores to see if I could quickly purchase a bracket to mount the board, there were none available. I called the store and left a message about the situation and suggested a replacement bracket be mailed, as the cost in gas there and back would not be worth the missing part. I received a call back this morning, informing me that the clerk had "misunderstood" what I had asked about regarding the appropriate mounts being included with the cabinet (although I was pretty clear with that), and that even though the instructions in the box clearly state that the board bracket should be included, she had "put the cabinet in the first box she could find, so the instructions were not necessarily belonging to the cabinet that I purchased". I must add, the box that the cabinet was placed in happens to show the identical cabinet that I purchased. She then informed me that after speaking with her boss (no name given), at my expense, she could mail me the missing part. I have read some great reviews about Rick, and really wish it were he that I was dealing with, but unfortunately it wasn't, and I am left extremely disappointed and underwhelmed with the customer service provided. I will not be returning.

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