I built my house in 2007 My kitchen/bathroom countertops were purchased thru Direct Buy (Acryflek) and counters were installed by Acryflek. Within a couple of months the counters were showing signs of scratching.. and I am only a one person house! In my bathroom, I installed the black Acryflek counter and from day one I have regretted it. the staining, and 'dull' surface has been a thorn in my side. Also, around the taps it has discoloured and nothing I do will remove the stain. Finally, I am ripping the bathroom counters out ... after 7 years! I found the company most unhelpful on the 3 - 4 occasions I called them asking what I should to to bring the sheen up.. I was just told ot use Orange cleaner. This was not successful. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Waste of money. In hindsight, I should have put granite in from the start.

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