The contracted start and finsh date was from mid August to last week in October 2014. Actual completion date 2nd week January 2015. The job has taken 5 months to complete with no regards to customer satisfaction whatsoever. This is unfortunate as the sub contrcators that are hired by Conklin to complete the work are all proffesionals and completed the work to a high standard. The main issue was dealing with Conklin and the manner in which they conduct their business. I would not under any circumsatnces recommend this company to anyone. We chose Conklin because of their alleged commitment to customer care and also becuse of their contracted obligation in completing the job by the 24th October. The deadline was perfect as we were expecting a new baby. The job stalled, after the first 5 weeks, their online build soft management tool wasn't updated, various excuses were levied as to the delays. Vists became infrequent with some contractors arriving onsite at 4:30 pm. Windows were left open in the basement, no consideration was given to our home in terms of protecting flooring for contractor access. Internal walls where damaged and reluctantly repaired by Conklin. A lien was placed on our property which we had to fight to get removed, because Conklin refused to pay a contractor allegedly because of poor quality of work. Poor communication between Conklin and ourselves resulted in the involvement of Lawyers. All in all it was a stressfull experience and one which could have been avoided if more attention to customer care was given.

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