The good guys won tonight. My furnace was running in spurts and I decided to take a chance on Doug and his company. He came through in flying colors, as after 10 minutes of playing with the thermostat, he found the problem, which was an internal adjustment right inside the furnace. He fixed it up, and the furnace has a new life. Runs like a Caddy!! To all the shysters, keep it up. We'll bury you. I made a few calls and got Doug another 10 jobs to do, in relation to my work. I understand Doug is going to start up honesty classes for some of the crooks in the east GTA. Thanks a lot, Doug. I'll work with you and catch you some more work to do--something I won't do for the shysters. They can STARVE!!!!!

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This company is to be forgotten about. Want your money without doing the work.Would treat this company as if they had the Black Plague. Stay away from them!!!!!!!!! I asked for a check on furnace and he red-tagged my furnace so it could not be used any more. Have also done this to other people I know.

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