With this letter I am bringing to light unfair business practices and contentious charges from merchant Greenland Vanlines. In brief, Greenland Vanlines are charging me with $236,67 in storage fee due a to a delivery that arrived one week late. Their rationale is that I should have given my delivery address on or before Friday October 3rd 2014 and that my failure to do so lead me to receiving my goods late. My delivery address was given one business day later than this 'deadline' and was given on Monday October 6th 2014. The reason why this is an unfair business practice is because I was never notified of this October 3rd 'deadline'. The contract doesn't make any mention of this, neither does any of my email exchanges with them. So now I am being penalized because the merchant omitted to inform me of my responsibilities before hand. Greenland Vanlines engages in unfair business practices and I have been convinced to sign a credit card slip on deceptive information provided by their employee. My last conversation with them today (Monday November 24 2014), ended with them saying that they would not reimburse me although they agree that it is their failure to inform me of their policies that lead to this late delivery and extra charge. I am very frustrated with they services, they have been very uncooperative and never returned called when they said they would.

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