Hired to fix Roof and Chimneys. The roof was done quickly and without mess left around gardens and around house. The problem was that the roof leaked after they fixed it and shingles that seem to break off in heavy storms. After a storm there was almost always a piece of shingle on the ground and then a leak in the roof right into my bedroom. There was no leak before. The Chimneys were both done, fireplace and furnace. The fireplace is still holding up but I think that's because we have not used the fireplace since. However the Chimney for the furnace was dreadful. The bricks started cracking after one year and pieces would fall off the roof. We called to get them to come back and took a while to get them back. They blamed it on the liner and agreed to fix the top portion that was cracking. After the same results, they would not fix it again so hired another company (I reviewed them too) to repair again. I would not hire them...seems it is very difficult these days to find quality people that know what they are doing. After all, I'm back looking to have Chimneys repaired again. Hopefully I can find a company that fixes them properly this time.

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