Our experience with this company was superior. We have lived through 4 years of renovations in our current home and Advanced Air Quality has BY FAR the best customer service, problem solving, workmanship & cleanliness, communication, and price. They are extremely knowledgeable. In addition to the job they were hired to complete, Ryan pointed out and fixed a problem with heating issues in my son's room (2 different contractors and insulation companies could not figure out the problem). He and his associate also stayed an hour extra to figure out why my furnace wouldn't turn on after the duct job was complete. The issue had nothing to do with the ducts, and yet he conversed with our heating company by phone to save us the service call fee. We would not have had heat for hours if he had not taken initiative (on his anniversary no less, and with no extra charge to us). I have very high standards for the service to our home and they treated our home as if it was their own. We have absolutely every confidence in recommending this company. It is easy to see why they have won so many customer appreciation awards.

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