I received terrible service from this company, the owner, and the employees. I ordered granite for the kitchen and had high expectations for this company; expecting them to install it beautifully. This did not happen. The workers who installed the granite came 2 hours late and were rushing to get the job done. The result of this? They broke off a corner piece of the granite, decided to install this and tell us that it looks perfect. This alone tells me that they do not care to provide top quality service. It did not look perfect, it was uneven, unbuffered, and the crack was now very visible and spread across the entire counter top. We asked to replace the piece. They agreed to fix the problem they caused, however I had to wait 2 months for them to come back. This of course brings frustration because I am wasting my time and they were slacking terribly. I felt like I was not a valued customer. They only kept reminding me to pay up for the crappy job they have done in my kitchen. The second time the workers came, they did not level the granite evenly. I was extremely disappointed. Now I have to find someone else to fix the mistake they did which means spending more money than I originally planned. I will never recommend this company to anyone considering the kind of service I received.

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This Must Be Kaz Family,
We got a terrible manner by your husband, We tried all we could to try to fix things but the way Kaz treated us was not acceptable. He rippled my card and throughed it into garbage. No one would accept that kind of treatment.