My husband and I couldn’t be happier with your new hot tub that we bought from “Factory Hot Tubs” in Oakville!!! We bought the “Antigua” model and it’s insane!! The beautiful lights, the extremely powerful jets and every other aspect of it is truly a dream. Upon arriving to the store we were greeted by the store manager “Justin” who I spoke with on the phone the day before to ask some questions about their sale that weekend. He has an intensely deep knowledge of every product and hot tubs in general really… …..which made us realize we came to the right place to make a purchase. As the conversation went on the other 2 gentlemen in the store came over to discuss the different tubs and their functions as well. The store actually had an Antigua model on display with water in it and the jets going and everything. It was really cool to see it up close. We have been using it soooo much!!!! My husband has back issues which is what got us thinking about getting a hot tub in the first place. After looking into getting one we realized it’s not only for relaxing your muscles after a workout or a long day, but it’s also an amazing party favor! We had a bbq with all of our friends and family this past weekend and lots of people hopped in throughout the party. It was a huge crowd pleaser to say the least. It’s not hard to keep up with treating it with chemicals either because the gentlemen at the store provide you with a chemical list that is fool proof with guidelines to follow for every use, weekly treatments and other information that would answer any question you may have about the care of it. I also called the store a few times right after getting the tub to ask random questions and Justin was always more than happy to answer any questions I had. My husbands back is feeling so much better now. Each seat in the tub has a boost button to intensify the power of the jets which is so powerful as well so you have a lot of control. It’s very quiet too!! I wish I could give this hot tub, the service we received and Factory Hot Tubs a 20 out of 10 because we couldn't be happier in every aspect. The gentlemen at the store were amazing, easy to talk to, understanding of your needs and are extremely reliable whenever you need them. The 2 guys that delivered the tub were awesome as well! (I had to give them a shout out on here) If you want a reputable company to purchase your Hot Tub from you have to go to Factory Hot Tubs in Oakville!! Don’t go to these expo shows you see everywhere with untrained people just trying to make a sale, go to a place you can trust during and after your purchase. Thank you Factory Hot Tubs!!!

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thank you. Great pictures