For what was to be an 8 week project turned into 8 months, 50k over budget, minimal say from us for what we wanted in our house. Contractor was extremely hostile and hard to get an honest conversation from. Multiple issues with finished project with zero recourse. Within 3 months our attic was covered in mold – the contractor states that it’s not covered under warranty. Siding is falling off the house, kitchen sink is falling out, multiple issues with kitchen cabinets, kitchen window is not functioning properly, perimeter drains were not done correctly and the job site was a mess (All this is left for us to fix apparently) Kitchen vents were not connected and caulking needed to be done in the bathrooms (those were corrected quickly by the electric and carpet companies) The best : All demolition, foundation for the additions, trusses, and septic tank were done before any permits were pulled – again, corrected by us! Needless to say, we would not recommend this contractor, save yourself the emotional and financial damage. House does not have a “final” nor does it “meet code”

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