When I first phoned the company they explained in detail how they would humanely remove the raccoon. They would come in and find where it was living, remove the babies and put a one way door for mom to leave. Well that's not what happened. They didn't even go in the attic. They just put a one way door on, came back a week later and said the raccoon is gone. I had expected them to identify where the racoon was living so that I could clean up after it. No big deal, I went in and found the mess, it's just that they said they would find where it was living. Also watch out for the 2 year warranty. At first $300 seemed high, but when they told me there was a 2 year warranty I said okay. Problem is the warranty only covers if the raccoon enter at the same spot (in the same way). My $300 cheque was cashed promptly the next day.

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