This was one of the worst experiences we had in our basement Reno project. Harry was to do our basement bathroom floor levelling/in floor heating and shower tiling job. He is supposed to be the bathroom expert. He NEVER showed up on time except to pick up his deposit. The earliest he ever showed up was at least 2 hours late.....we made ourselves available at the time he said and he wouldn't show up for hours afterwards. A Complete disregard for our time. A couple of times he no showed with some excuse of his other jobs taking up time. He even went as far as saying he was doing us a favour!!!!! We wanted our renovation to be done before the arrival of our child. The final straw was when he asked if we would be ablue to accommodate him on a Sunday so he could catch up.......we agreed as this was dragging on so we changed our plans to be home. He wrote down he would be here at 2pm and we called and stressed that we changed our plans to be home and to please be on time. Well, at 5 pm I sent him a text asking what happened to the 2pm start time and he went off on us. He said considering the day he was having we are lucky he us even going to come at all. Wellthat was the final straw. We told him we no longer want to deal with him and he sent us this big long text about how we just fired the best guy in the business. We asked for 50% of our deposit back ($400) and considering he didn't even finish levelling the floor and only spent about 2.5 hours total working on the project. We thought was extremely generous and fair. Well of course we receive a long text about how he will decide what is fair if he decides to refund anything at all. We went to all the local suppliers in town and told them of our experience. We were amazed that all of them had several complaints about Harry. Harry is past his prime and doesn't care about you. He will promise the world and then make you feel like he is doing you a favor. I have all the text messages and voicemails during this terrible experience that I would be happy to share for those that might be thinking of using Harry. However, any person who takes advantage of a family should be identified so that no other family or individual has to go through what we did. For the record, he never refunded our 50% deposit request. on another note, he never provided us with the recipes we requested either for our deposit! The good news was we were able to find another person who did a amazing job fixing what Harry didn't do. Feel free to contact me for any additional info or the name of the person who ended up finishing our project.

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