We have used SOOTY FOOT for cleaning our chimney for many years. They are prompt, reasonable, and professional. This year they are putting a new liner in our chimney, and installing our new wood stove. I trust their work, and like them personally.

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We signed a contract with Nuforth Paving, and paid a 20% deposit. When they arrived to do the work, they wanted to change the contract (pave over the old driveway, rather than remove and replace paving). We would not agree, so they returned a week later and grudgingly began the work, telling us they would require a certified cheque or cash upon completion. They left us with a poor driveway: asphalt unevenly mixed and poorly rolled, and edges very rough. I don't believe the paving is as thick as promised, but only an expensive core sample would tell us this for sure. While working, they seriously damaged a tree, and did not tell us. After they left we were able the many inadequacies, and called them, to ask them to return; that call has never been returned. We then sent a letter listing our concerns, with photos, but that has never been responded to. We had the driveway assessed by another contractor: to fix the driveway (bring it up to acceptable standards) would cost as much again as we have already paid. Our advice? Don't use Nuforth Paving, Inc.

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