DO NOT get roofing done by this company!!! I had the roof done by this company and dealt with Paul. I was around the job for half the time and had to leave on a business trip. While I was present they were doing job right with underlinement and then shingles. As soon as I was gone, they started slapping shingles RIGHT ON TOP OF THE PLYWOOD!!! Years later, the roof that was done in their "hi tech" manner is having serious leak problems and I'm going to have to have this freaking redone. Thanks hi-tech roofing! Thank you Paul! Because you wanted to save a few hundred bucks I now have problems for months to come. Never again. Would not even recommend these ....people.....even to my worst enemy.

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Very pleased. Had work done in my basement. Everything was quick and efficient, I actually barely noticed! Extremely satisfied with the work, everything was neat and tidy with great attention to detail and that means a lot to me. Never had an issue with timeliness or deadlines. Would most definitely recommend with great referral. Great service overall.

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