About 15 years ago, we hired Blue Door to re-shingle our roof and replace soffit and fascia. They day we signed, they pulled off a downspout and an eaves trough. This was done so they could say the job was started. Unfortunately, we had a storm a couple weeks later. The missing eaves trough and downspout caused some flooding in our basement. The workers on our job were having trouble getting credit to buy new materials because their suppliers had not been paid. I was told by the employees that they had not been paid for a while. Our aluminum eaves troughs and fascia were done piecemeal. They were using leftover pieces of aluminum they had in their truck because they could not buy new material. Where bits and pieces of materials were used, we later found out the fascia was glued in place with window caulking. No nails or screws. Our balcony had a new torch down rubber roof/floor installed. Then they screwed the new deck into the rubber flooring, leaving it useless. The roof below leaked every time it rained. Our balcony walls were capped with flat bits and pieces of aluminum. The segments of the aluminum were overlapped and glued together with caulking to prevent leaks, which did not work. The job was late starting and finishing because of the lack of availability of materials. When the leaks began and pieces of aluminum started blowing off in the wind, we tried to call Blue Door. The last we heard, they had moved to Scarborough and then they disappeared off the face of the earth. Their phone number was no longer in service. The Better Business Bureau was no help at all because they filed reports by phone number. When we checked with the number we were given, there were no complaints. Every time their phone number changed, the old company - and complaints - disappeared. I would not recommend Blue Door to anyone.

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