I've never taken the time to post a review but I was so displeased with the service I received, I had to tell as many people as possible to NEVER HIRE ON-SITE CLEANING!!! They confirmed a day for cleaning and then showed up on another day! I asked for everything to be dusted, vacuumed and moped and to vacuum the basement only if they had time. When I saw them vacuuming the basement, I expected everything else I had asked for to be complete but it was far from that! There were things not dusted, sections not vacuumed, and nothing was moped!!! When I called Nadine to advise her how displeased I was with the service she offered to give me another cleaner but I said I would not pay for another cleaning session until the current cleaning service was fixed. She said she would speak to the cleaners and get back to me, but she didn't! I called her back and left a message and rather then call me back she emailed me back with a response. She advised me the cleaners simply ran out of time. I called her back and said it was not because they ran out of time because they still had time to vacuum the basement! They were just bad cleaners and she should make the current situation better before offering to have me pay for another cleaning session. She never called me back. ON-SITE CLEANING IS NOT INTERESTED IN A HAPPY CUSTOMER FOR REPEAT BUSINESS, THEY SIMPLY RELY ON ONE TIME UNSATISFIED CUSTOMERS.

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