I purchased some fish from this store to introduce some new blood into my tank, they seemed very concerned about the quality of my tank at home and asked me multiple questions such as -how long have you had your aquarium - what size is your tank , ect.. Well i've had my tank up and running since 1995 there were some fish 12 years plus in there. After there questions i was led to believe they must take care of there fish, so i purchased some. At home i did my routine of introducing the new members of the family into the tank as i have for the past decade (purchased from Big Al's). Well 3 days after the introduction all the fish i had purchased were dead and about 2 weeks after that all my fish were dead except for a few witch i treated in a med bath and placed in the medical tank (they are still doing nicely btw). Thanks Big Al for ruining over 10 years of hard work and killing many loved fish i took care of and raised for years. Im trying to leave the nicest message possible for there are many colorful words im having a hard time not expressing you are definitely a BIG A that's for sure.

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