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My wife & I had saved up some money to either go on vacation or work on our back yard.As it turned out that a 7 - 10 vacation was going to cost us with 2 kids any where from $4,800 - $7,200 Wow we said! So we decided to get some Ideas and prices on what to do about our back yard , long story short Gene was up the road working on a patio, he came down heard our ideas then summed up his own. He explained each project on how much and how long and that we could pick and choose each one that would fit our budget , but that later on will tie into with what is existng. Unbelievable! was all that went through my head at the end of the project . It's incredible to see what you can do with what you have, Just by doing a little transplanting , prunning , grade changes , small stonewall, & Patio. Granted we went a little over budget by about 15% but now we have something to show for it . Our friends want to entertain @ our home ... GENE THANK YOU !!! Sincerely Thomas Schillin I will help solicit you for all the extras you've done.

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