So do I have an awesome kitchen.... Yes... Was it smooth and according to plan... Absolutely not! Kitchen Craft is unprofessional and disorganized, Eric will talk over his clients and talk your ear off about his personal escapades rather than concentrating on creating your design. The first time the kitchen was done the cabinets were the wrong colour, then the fridge could not be opened because it was right next to the wall. We had to then pay for the alteration but we're told we would be refunded, that never happened. Then with the alteration they ordered the wrong size cabinets it took them six months to fix the kitchen and their are still things I'm not satisfied with. I do think the staff are good people just not the people you would want to handle an expensive kitchen the attention to detail just is not there.

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It really was one of the worst experiences building with Braebury. The attention to detail was not there and when the was a problem there was no help to solve it. Right form when they took our deposit it was us vs. them. A constant battle between us demanding the quality we thought we deserved and the foreman's idea of good enough! Some trade were great Rob Desa and the masonary work was fantastic, roofing and siding as well. The in house trades of painters and electricians were awful. The electrician was angry to work a Saturday so he cut the wire to our chandelier. HVAC people were great as well as mike and the crew from bay ridge landscaping. Kitchen Kraft was a huge disappointment they were unprofessional and disorganized our kitchen was redone three times. I love the neighbourhood but I hate the builder our neighbours had it worse then we had but just ask around town and everyone knows a braebury horror story.

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Great Products!!! Great Service!!! I have ordered appliances from Dan over the last year for a condo development and for my personal home and have never been disappointed. Prices cant be beat and exceptional products. The delivery guys and great and even helped me remove my old appliances in a tight hallway and never scratched a wall. 10 out of 10 Fraser

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