I had started a project of installing a shower stall. This project had popped up as an emergency after numerous other removations. When it came time to set the base, we were to tired of reno's to do what was needed. So we called roto-rooter to see if they would set the base for us. It would take a skilled person no long. Turns out they would only charge for a full reno and my quote was 1700-2500. I was astonished. I was able to do the work myself in about 3 hours with a total materials cost of $25.00. The technitian did not seem very friendly and was hard to talk to. While showing him the job he had no intrest of doing it. I feel I was quoted so high so that he did not have to do anything more then rod drains. When asked why it was so high, he said it was for the brand name of the company. Never again!!!

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I had Elliott's install a bathtub with a unique drain on it. This was no problem for them. I also updated some plumbing while things were torn apart, I had a bidet removed and there were 3 sinks in the room and I had it brought down to two. Some of the existing plumbing was not up to modern code. They pointed this out and told me how I could easily have it fixed. The whole bill was so small I couldn't believe it!!! It is a father son company that is well run and extremely friendly. I highly recommend them to anyone.

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