My wife and I just purchased a sofa set from Don's furnishing and had it delivered to our home free of charge, there wasn't alot to choose from but we did really like the leather set, one set looked very cheap and had mixed leathers in it, but we went with the Italian leather which was a better sofa set according for the sales clerk, the service was good there, the only thing we disliked was that the couch we received was the one on the show room floor, we weren't satisfied with that but it was the only one they had

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I've been going to Stewiacke building center for a long time now, and the service there varys, sometimes the items aren't in-stock and have to be ordered which isn't a problem unless you need it right away, sometimes they order it in and sometimes they don't get it in like promised i think they forget to order it, but over all they are easy to deal with each and every time i've went there, and there pretty honest, on my recent purchase they had everything i needed and were able to deliver it that same day in the evening

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I spent a few days checking with near by places to transport a vehicle to and from a province for me, most were booked and needed to be booked in advance to find a spot, or others were asking too much approx $2500, I contacted van lines and they had an opening for the week after, and with the price of the current gas said it would be about $1600, which i thought was a great price compared to the other quotes i had received, i used Van lines and had my vehicle delivered, no damage, and the driver contacted me when he was arriving

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