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Used allmar to get my windows for my basement open floor plan, they had a selection book that i could pick from, and they helped with picking a size to make my basement look open, they also installed the windows, and did a great job, quick service, but they didn't clean the windows as promised after the installation so i had someone come do that for me, make sure you request the cleaning of the windows after installing and make sure you have them do it before they leave.

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The company/workers were very hard to contact to arrange for the job to be done, tried calling several times before actually getting the job done, but when it was done they were quick, and left the windows clean and the gutters free of any debris, might/might not hire again, first experience, but may take a chance and try again to see how it works out for the second time when needed

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They were educated about what had to be done, they were on time every mornng and worked till late in the evenings with not many short breaks in between, they were respectful of people living in the whole while there, the dry wall was well seamed together, they added the screws in correct spacing, it was firm and tight. Great company, no problems

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