I was referred to Belinda about four years ago by a friend who had used her for a complete basement renovation. I had tried two other decorators previously but just didn't click with either of them. I did not have a bad experience with either of them - I just never felt completely comfortable working with them. With Belinda, though, I have been completely comfortable from the time of our first meeting. She turned up on the first night to do a consultation. After asking me some questions about what I was trying to accomplish and looking at some things I had torn out of magazines to give her sense for styles that I liked, Belinda got right to work. She rolled up her sleeves and moved my furniture around to let me to see the improvements she could envision, she drew out new floor plans for me including sketches of all the new furniture she was recommending and she included the source and pricing for that furniture. All this in less than a couple of hours! A couple weeks later Belinda met me at a trade-only showroom to pick my furniture pieces and the associated upholstery fabrics. This was also accomplished in record timing - she quickly narrowed down the choices for me and I left comfortable that I would not regret the choices that I made. She later sent carpet suppliers to my home with samples that she had preselected to work with my furniture. This was also a huge time saver. Belinda passed on her pricing directly from the carpet supplier and the furniture manufacturer without mark ups. I enjoyed the work on my main floor so much that I subsequently used Belinda for three other jobs. She redesigned the fireplace in my family room - taking it from a dated, brick embarrassment to a sleek, slate-faced wonder that incorporates a new flat panel TV and associated video hardware. Shortly after that job I brought her back to completely renovate two of my bathrooms. This summer we worked together again to update my bedroom. I have had a lot of fun working with Belinda and I really like what she has helped me accomplish in my home. I am almost disappointed to be running out of rooms to work on.

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