We found Ralf on home stars and hired him to lay tile flooring in 3 bathrooms and vinyl flooring in our kitchen as well as many other small projects. The quality of Ralf’s work is excellent because of his attention to detail. In hindsight we are extra happy that we chose Ralf over other flooring-only experts because of his diverse skills. On a work site there are many things that come up unexpectedly and to have someone on site who can address everything from plumbing issues to door installations was a huge asset for us. It ensured the project could progress at a quick speed instead of coming to a complete halt as we searched for other expertise. Upon seeing his craftsmanship in our home, other on-sight tradesmen working on other projects were seeking his services for other jobs. Ralf was a pleasure to have on site, he really cares about the work he is doing and will go beyond expectations to get you the best result. He not only laid floors but was really helpful in recommending what flooring and materials we should use for best results and cost effectiveness. We love the work he did and would absolutely use him again.

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