Simply oustanding workmanship! Rejean worked extremely hard for his money and the results were absolutely fantastic! I told Rejean that my wife has an allergy to cats and that the previous tenants had one. He added a disinfectant to the wash solution. I couldn't believe how great the old carpet looked afterward. And yes he really does clean right into the corners. I'm a tough customer and I can tell you that not many have received this kind of praise from me. - At my request Rejean travelled from Mississauga to the far west side of Burlington to do this job for me - far beyond his regular work area. My Landlady told me that Rejean arrived on time around 10:30am. I asked Rejean to call me when he was done so that I could arrange to have him paid. I hadn't heard anything from him by the time I left work at 3pm so I stopped by to see if everything was okay. He was just finishing up and proudly asked me to come in and have a look at his work. Like I said earlier I was stunned on how great it looked. He must have gone over it twice. Well he did such a great job that my Landlady asked him for an estimate to do her carpets. I will definitely be recommending Cleantek to everyone I know. Great Job Rejean - Thanks very much!

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