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An assisted review is collected by a contractor on behalf of the homeowner after their work is completed. The homeowner must confirm the text of the review and may make any changes she or he deems appropriate. The homeowner then assigns the contractor a review score out of 10. Assisted reviews receive the same scrutiny as other reviews and must follow our review guidelines.

I thought I would begin this letter by saying how easy it is to impress people with our new Fibertec windows. How often can you point out that your windows are U=0.18! Everyone is also amazed when I tell them that the windows on the south side and north side have different low-e coatings. Setting aside the specs that put these windows among the very best that are available, the next selling point is how good the windows feel. Solid is an appropriate adjective for these windows. The opening/closing and locking/unlocking is very smooth. The framing crew who installed our windows usually does high-end houses in the area, and they said that these are easily the best windows they have ever installed. They were also the heaviest! While it did take several months to finalize our window order, this was mostly because I was looking at several options ... and because I had a very large order! Steven Hall was very patient throughout the process. On more than one occasion I asked him to re-price everything with different features. In addition to explaining all the technical aspects in detail, Steven also made suggestions on window sizing and placement and pointed out several code issues related to bedroom egress and tempered glass. I never had to wait long for a return call or e-mail from Steven. Our windows were done earlier than originally specified. The payment process was very straight forward. There was a slight miscommunication regarding when to ship, but the trucking company was able to delay delivery until we were ready. The shipment arrived on a large tractor-trailer. I'm not sure when the decision to go with such a big truck was made, but it worked fine for us. People with smaller streets would want to watch out that the delivery vehicle is not too big. The packing for shipment was excellent. I received three 8 foot pallets fully enclosed with 1/2" osb plywood. Windows were placed in these crates with packaging material that ensured a snug fit. Windows were also individually wrapped and had 2x4 blocks to keep the nailing fin off the ground. I did not find any problems with what was delivered and all windows also looked perfect and operated flawlessly upon installation. I was originally very concerned about the fiberglass finish. On the one hand I wanted performance, but I was also being "lectured" about aesthetics. I ended up with the standard white finish for casement windows. I am happy to report that they do not look anything like vinyl windows. We felt that a different exterior color was going to cost too much, but it turns out that the white exterior looks great. On the interior we will have painted window trim, but do not plan on painting the window frames at this time. We think the windows will blend in nicely as they are. From my many conversations with Steven, I am confident that if we have any problems in the near future, Fibertec will take care of us. We have not yet moved into the house. At some point after we move in, I'll have to take the spec sheet off of the windows. At that point I hope that we can just enjoy having great windows. I'll continue to tell people about U=0.18, but I think the windows will also continue to make a good impression all by themselves.

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Company Response

Dear Mark, I am glad to hear that you are impressed and satisfied with your new windows. Once you move into your new home you will definitely enjoy them.Thank you for taking the time to give us the positive feedback.