I had Jack's Exterior Maintenance out to do a small repair on our home. The service that Jack provided was unbelievably excellent. He inspected the roof, both from outside and in the attic. Found that the original roofer, had reversed two vents (ensuite bathroom and dryer). The dryer vent, instead of having a "flapper" had a screen (which was trapping lint) and the ensuite had the flapper vent. OMG. There was approximately a foot of lint built up in the vent. Definitely a fire hazard. Jack switched the vents, resealed them, properly reset the collars for the vents and sealed them. Jack found a hole in the gable end of the attic which the builder had just sided over, and corrected it. Sealed all exposed nails. Found 5 shingles which were blow-offs or torn/ripped which he replaced with matching shingles. Tabbed a few loose shingles. All of this was above and beyond my additional ask and in the original price quoted. I could not have been more pleased with this company.

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