Before to replace our wine cooler that no longer refrigerates, we wanted to know if it could be repaired so we contacted Andy who explained that he could come and make this assessment for us and he would let us know if it could be repaired and if it was worth the extra expenses. He came the very next morning with his wife and was flexible with our work schedule. He checked everything, explained everything that he did, and concluded to a gas leak which is not worth attempting to repair for this kind of cooler since the coil runs everywhere. He then provided us with good addresses where to buy a new one and where to dispose of the old one. We only paid for the minimum fee for the call, which he had explained before to come. They are a great team as Andy's wife knows all the tools inside-out and can hand him anything he needs while he works. Both of them are very friendly. I already recommended their company to my colleagues as I would trust Andy for any kind of appliance repairs. We had chosen Andy's company because of all the good reviews he has accumulated and it is obvious to me why he gets them!

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