Bought a living room set couch and 2 chairs 1 reclining 1 with an auto man. This was on a 2 year 0% interest deal. Its not 0% interest as there is a buy down of about $650. I no this going in and OK with it. About 10 months in I notice that I am getting charged interest. This is my fault for not checking my bill. In that time they charged me about $800 in interest. I called the financing company (TD Financial Services) and they informed me I was late on a payment and they automatically take me off the promotion I paid for and put me at a 29.9% interest rate. Keep in mind this is after I paid the interest for the entire promotion. They would not agree to repay they interest to me but did agree to reset the promotion to 0%. So after about 5 more months I check my balance to find again they had been charging me interest and never reset the 0% promotion. Again this is my fault for not checking my statement sooner. I promptly paid the account off in full. Called TD again and they agreed to refund me this time and I would have a check in 8-10 business days. That was almost a month ago. So again I called today and they are not sure why a check was not issued. I am glad I have the means to get away from underhanded company's with back door policy's that put consumers with less knowledge in very bad positions while large banks get away with amounts to corporate larceny. Spoke to the store Manger and he told me it has nothing to do with them. Not true in my opinion. As far as the furniture goes I am somewhat disappointing with the sofa and the none reclining chair its not wearing very well for less than 2 years old. The leather recliner is holding up great.

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