It had been 7 years since we had moved into our new home and we still had only the binder layer of our driveway (it was our responsibility to get the top coat, not the builders). A group of us neighbours hired Creative to put the top coat of asphalt on our driveways for an excellent price since we would have them done at the same time saving travel expense and time for the company and giving them a lot of work. Ours was the last and unfortunately because of the grade of our driveway, we had to pay double since they were going to have to tear up the binder layer of our driveway and redo the whole thing. At the end of it all, the grade is good and it's finally done, but we were not expecting to pay that much. Better to get it done right, however...We recommended them to some friends however, and they had a bad experience so we wouldn't recommend them anymore to friends and family.

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We had a wonderful experience with Brad, who is very talented, experienced and professional. He was able to work with our ideas (we ended up doing the plantings ourselves following a general plan developed by Brad to save some money to get the hardscaping we really wanted and stay within our budget) and make a beautiful, generous and welcoming stone walkway and steps to our front porch. He was reliable and trustworthy and his workmen were very personable, efficient and excellent at laying stonework. I wanted to get Tri-green because they had landscaped a yard that I loved, and I was 100% satisfied with how they adapted that design to fit my own yard.

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