We replaced the carpet in our home approximately 15 years ago, and in hindsight should probably not have chosen a pale cream colour. we had a number of carpet cleaning companies in every 18 months or so, but the results were never totally satisfying. Due to some renovations, family illness etc., we have not had the carpets cleaned for almost 4 years. Based on the reviews we found here, we scheduled Ty to clean our carpets before Christmas. We have never been happier. The stains in the high traffic area between the kitchen and the deck have disappeared, the pile on the stairs has been cleaned, brushed and lifted. Ty was very professional, explained the steps needed in each area depending on the amount of dirt and stains. He never rushed and frequently asked us to check his progress and tell him if we were happy with the progress being made. Ty was very forthright and personable and was a real pleasure to have in our home. We feel we received real value for the cost. We will definitely have Ty and Parma cleaning back and maintain the good look of our carpets.

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