So we hire Rica to plaster some parts of our basement and paint. We told him we wanted white paint. We don’t know anything about paint. He told us about some kind of Color and said it’s white so we went along. He showed up the first day but was outside on his phone for almost the entire day. He did some of the plaster and left at 6pm. The next day he showed up with a guy and said he brought help. He then kept leaving the guy and going outside. He then told us he cannot finished the job in 2 days as was agree in that he needs one more day. The next day the guy showed up and no Rica I went down and asked the guy where is Rica only to be told that he is no coming that he is not feeling well. A few hours later I heard the subcontractor very loud on the phone. He then came up and asked me if we are related to Rica that Rica said we are friends and he is doing us a favour and that Rica refused to pay him. I told the sub contractor that we don’t know him we just hired home for the job. I was very upset and angry that when Arica showed up I told to go way. He told I have to pay him I told you have finished my job. Anyway he he did whatever and came and said he was finished. He asked to go check I was so upset and wanted him out that I just looked around not in detail and said okay. BUT THE BASEMENT COLOUR Was NOT WHITE WE CAN STILL SEE THE GREEN. When I told he said that is the colour we chose and if I want because of all the issues we had he will but white paint and do it back. At the time I was upset so I said no. But now we decided we want it to be done properly but whenever we called him he give us different excuses. He even hang up on my husband. Is sub contractor that he bought into our home is calling and threatening us about coming and damage our basement wall and that we have to pay him. Our experience with him was very scary . They left so much mess and even damaged our treadmill mats. Even promised to replace it and still waiting for that too. I don’t think anyone should take him. I have pictures We decided to clean up since we realized that Rica is not going to come and finish the painting. We discovered that he didnt even paint it was Primer in the Bucket and not paint. So we paid him just to plaster and prime our basement. He took our hard earn money and didnt do a good job. He will never ever enjoy that money. I have a picture of the Buckets

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