While trying to repair a leak that we discovered inside our exterior walls, we decided to hire Beni for the job. While his quote was the most expensive of the other 2, he promised to do a good job and agreed to do all of what was being asked which included disassembling every exterior fixture such as the security cameras and light fixtures and re-finishing the entire front walls of the house as well as repairing every crack with new stucco and repainting the entire exterior of the house. Upon start of the work, I noticed the his crew started taping around the cameras and putting silicon in the cracks where a proper repair was to take place, this was brought up to him and he slightly responded saying "Don't worry". Later on I also noticed that the walls were not clear of debris before painting and parts of plants and dirt that was stuck to the wall had been painted over which once again I brought up to his attention and needless to say they were not adequately fixed. Needless to say that instead of the entire front of the house being re-finished, parts and patches were which as anyone who has done stucco would know looks terrible. On another occasion I had asked his crew to NOT step on a fresh concrete that was pored in the back of the house for a deck project and to my amazement within 5 minutes of that conversation the opposite happened and I caught his crew walking on the freshly pored concrete. When I confronted Arben (Beni) with all the problems he blamed COVID inability to find good laborer's. To make matters even worse, the crew made a huge mess everywhere, walked on my neighbors lawn and driveway, spilt paint over my neighbors drive way as well as the armor stones next the wall and back yard. Overall, the job that I paid top dollar for turned out to be a nightmare due to false promises and absolute lack of attention to details. I have no doubt that the other positive feedbacks here from friends or fabricated as their work speaks for itself. I would not recommend them to anyone looking to get quality stucco work.

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