Good day, I am so happy your "PRIORITY URGENT" request resulted in a van with 2 men showing up to my home and after 5 mins of looking at my faulty windows, they decided that; 1. The windows were installed with screws that were too small 2. They did not have the right-sized screws in their van and needed to order replacement parts. They ensured to me that they would get the right screws and fix this problem in a week..... THAT WAS JUNE.... IT IS NOW OCTOBER!!!! We spent an enormous amount of money for you to change the windows in our home. So far you have installed substandard windows and refused to repair the damage you have done. My windows are still broken with NO end in sight. IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT LOYAL CUSTOMERS???? Please resolve this issue ASAP, or I will SUE your company for breach of contract on our "LIFETIME guarantee" and I will make it my mission in life to tell my story of your HORRIBLE customer service to every internet site I can find and the better business bureau. I will make it my purpose in life to ensure NO ONE orders windows from you and goes through the same nightmare my family has been through. I am giving this company a chance to make good on their professional name and our contract made in good faith! I leave this for your consideration, John Schreuders

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