The company walked away from job after 1st half day of work after realizing they underestimated the effort to complete the project. They told me they budgeted 7 days, but actually need more like 9-10 days. They were concerned that if they continued work on my job, that it would have a ripple effect on other customers so it was simpler to cut their losses. I even volunteered to help them hang the drywall myself to help with the manual labour as they only came with 2 people, but they refused with no explanation. I discussed options about doing the majority of the work during the 7 days period and finishing the last coat of mudding/painting later on, but the answer was the schedule has no flexibility and that it wasn't an option unless I wanted to wait a month+ when they had their next opening. My assessment of the company is that they are poorly managed, overbooked and have zero flexibility in their schedule. For me, it was their unwillingness to even talk about options on how they might solve the problem that was very surprising. Their quality might be okay (I didn't see any end product), but if want somebody who is reliable I wouldn't recommend this company.

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