This is Betsy and Roger again for an ultimate review for Dom and his crew… Last may 22, 2008 I posted a review for a master bathroom in and you can also see the video at At that point we had just received the permission to start the addition project, during this time we have built a relationship with Dom and his wife; however I will try to keep this review as accurate as possible, and this is the history: We were scheduled to start June 02, 2008, but the rain and my neighbor played a huge role in delaying the start and the completion of the project (finally finished October 10, 2008). Let us start from the very beginning, machines were needed to come to the backyard to start digging for a full foundation, the addition was going to be completed with an unfinished basement. After the machines were done digging, Dom told me that additional payment (around $ 5,000) were required due to the amount of dirt the machines extracted, it didn’t make sense to us since he should have calculated the amount prior to start the addition, and not in an ongoing basis, anyway, after listening to his arguments we decided to make the payment at that moment. The A/C was disconnected for the machines to go back and forth to the backyard, and we are still waiting to have the A/C reconnected to the house (Dom promised by the beginning of spring to do so), I was under the impression that the path that the machine used to go back and forth was going to be fixed (front yard and side walk) and this will not be fixed. The next stage of the addition was the footings and the foundations, Brian and his crew did a good job, the footings took a longer time due to the unexpected rain, however after the footings were dry the foundation walls were finished in 2 days, amazing… we were starting to get worried as we wanted to hold a family reunion for Thanksgiving and we were already at beginning of August. The framing of the addition was the next step to be completed, again Brian and his team did an excellent job, and then the bricks for the house got installed in the outside right after the framing was done, the brick took like one day to get installed. Keep in mind that between each step we needed to wait for the city inspection to come in before we move on with the next step. The electrical, drywall, trimming and finish details were done in September, we had some challenges along the way like finding the correct hardwood floor for the addition, and Dom was having a really hard time finding one that matches the existing of the house. The main focus of the room is the natural stone and the fireplace that Betsy and I had in mind from the beginning, and after weeks of searching for the perfect stone we finally found it in the Vaughan area, and the end result is just awesome. The addition itself it’s awesome (, we love it, Dom and his crew, despite the weather and other challenges, deserve more than a 10 for the internal work. But when I see the overall project, like the additional payment that I made, still waiting for them to connect the A/C back to the house, and especially when I see the conditions of how they left the front and back yard, the overall rating will go down from 10 to 8.5. Dom has his own arguments about the back and front yard, and I appreciate his point of view, however, one mistake that we did, is that we should have included as much details as we could in the contract. Things can go wrong with any contractor; you can improve everything in life, Dom and his CREW are excellent, honest and reliable in the work they do. Communication is always there, either with Dom or Brian and you can be sure that they will finish an ULTIMATE ROOM. I will definitely recommend ultimaterooms for any project renovation you have in mind.

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Hi Roger & Betsy,

AWSOME!!!!! is an understatement to say the least. I can understand the points you made, they are valid. Show me an addition that goes off without a hitch .... The only response to your posting that I have is "your addition speaks for itself" it is beautiful, with an entire wall of Quartz stone, a Montigo fireplace, beautiful hardwood & a huge open concept thanks to all those Windows / Skylights and Garden Doors.

There are closing points to the posting also that people should know, things that leave them guessing as to why? or what?

1. Yes, it is true that there can sometimes be additional charges when excavating, from an interior measurement we can guess as to where (depth)the exterior footings are, but in Rogers and Betsy's case they were over 3'ft deeper then there related interior walls; an oddity but true. With thier addition being over 450 sq ft of ground space and an extra 3'ft of depth; it amounts to 2700 cubic ft of loose dirt......thats alot of extra dirt to remove, hense the extra cost.

2. The Grading: We left the addition ready for final grading; which due to early snow had to be completed by a landscaping company in the spring. The A/C was not connected as to allow the grading company to be able to pass through the narrow pathway.

3. The timeline: Timelines are estimated, and can be thrown off by a number of things. In this case mother nature played a huge part, with downpours of rain almost everyday for weeks on end. Once the rain let up we were able to move through full speed ahead. Roger and Betsy's deadline of Thanksgiving was met, as we put the final pieces together and completed the addition the day before. Cutting it close, but none the less completing it ontime, and on budget.

It is beautiful, Roger and Betsy we hope you guys enjoy the was our please to do the projects we have for you; but more important we made great friends.

The Team


My wife and I were planning to make a great room addition to the house, we had 7-8 quotes before we contacted ultimaterooms, Domenico came to our house and after listening to what we wanted to do, he explain how he works and how much the project will cost, 10 days later we were signing the contract for the addition. The very first day that we met with Dom we had a great rapport with him; in my opinion that was key to make our decision, so besides the great room addition, I approach him the very same day and told him that I have this crazy idea of building a bathroom to our master bedroom as a surprise for my wife, I explained that we were going on Vacation in 2 weeks for 2 and half weeks and that I will like to know if is feasible to do that job while I was on vacation, he told me that it was possible, after a couple of days we met again and sign the contract for the bathroom. After signing that contract, we went to a store to grab ideas, I told Dom what I thought my wife will like or not in the bathroom, I give him as much detail as I could, I was not worry whether or not they will do a good job, but more worry about my wife impression. That was the only meeting I had with him before my vacation, then he called me a couple of time to ask me about my opinion in a vanity (I did not really like any vanity that I saw) so Dom decided to custom build a vanity for our bathroom (turnout just perfect). The day that we arrived was mother’s day, Dom and his crew were waiting for us that afternoon, when my wife went upstairs to the room and the camera guy was expecting her, she started to say “WHAT IS GOING ON” OMG Roger what you did, after we saw the Bathroom it was WOW, she kept saying I could not believe it, I could not believe it, SHE absolutely LOVE THE BATHROOM. So I turn to Domenico and told him mission accomplished, good job. Dom had another surprise for us, the building permit for the addition was approved by the city, they schedule to start in 2 weeks (I will also make a review about the addition in a few months when is done). I have to thank my mum and dad that were here visiting from Venezuela, they were the one that dealt with the crew in the daily basis for 17 days. To the group of people that worked in this project, thanks, especially to Brian and the BIG GUY (they worked every day to make this happen), also wanted to say thanks to Hanieh for keeping notes of everything. Dom, I can honestly say that we make the correct decision for us, THANKS, and we are looking forward to see the addition built by ultimaterooms. So far, and thanks to the bathroom, The complete master bedroom has become OUR ULTIMATEROOM, WE LOVE IT. One last thing for those who are reading this review, this work was very particular, and this type of surprise will not suit everybody, be sure of what you wanted to do, have a budget, be informed… About the cost, ultimaterooms was not the most or less expensive of all our quotes, I found them reasonable, professional and above all, RELIABLE.

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Roger and Betsy,

What can i say but "WOW!", your new Master Bathroom is stunning. But i have to say the best part of it all has to be Betsy's face when you came back from the airport just in time for the reveal. I thought she was going to fall down the stairs.

It is quite the room, if your reading this and haven't seen this episode on our website, click here:

Thanks for being such a great couple to work for, and we look forward to building your addition next.

see you soon,